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Five Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from Trump

Whether or not you support the new US President Donald Trump, you can’t deny that there are some things that any small business owner can learn from him. Some of these are mistakes that he made while others are successes. But either way, there are certainly some good lessons here for a small business owner who’s ready and willing to learn by example.

Know Who Your End User Is

You don’t have to be in business long before you have defined your end user. This is something that we can easily see that Trump got right. His end user was the white middle-class male American. And so he geared his campaign toward that demographic and it paid off. If you don’t know who your current end user is, then the first step is doing the research necessary to find out exactly who’s buying into your brand.

Appeal Directly to Your End User

Not only do you need to know who your end user is, but you also need to know how to appeal to them. You need to figure out the message that they’re looking for and deliver it to them so they will respond. This was easy to see during Trump’s campaign with his promise to build a wall. Once you’ve established your message within your small business, stick to it. Show them that you believe in your message, and so will they.

Be Careful on Social Media

If you’re not using social media to market your products and connect with your customers, then you’re missing out on a big chance to potentially reach millions of customers. However, you have to be careful when on social media and be aware of what you are posting and who you are talking to. Some companies use social media to attack others, and it can be easy to get dragged into conversations that end up doing more bad than good.

Rinse and Repeat

It may sound overly simplified, but once you have your message, just keep putting it out there. You can certainly find new ways to share it, but stick to the same message and keep sharing it. Your current end users will be assured that you’re not changing your song, new users will hear it and get interested, and people that are interested but who don’t jump in on the first hearing will have additional chances to receive the message and react to it.

Have More Empowered Employees

If you want to be successful in the small business world, you need to empower your employees. That means teaching them well as to what your message is and then trusting them to share that same message. With empowered employees and you all on the same page, there will be no need to contradict or correct something that an employee has said about your product or company. Consistency is one of the keys to having success in the small business world, and you can do that by properly empowering your employees.

Although Trump is by no means a perfect example of a business or even a political leader, there are certainly a number of things that small business owners can learn by watching him. By applying his campaign methods to your small business, you can also see success in what you’re doing.

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