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10 Web Design Tips Every Business Owner Needs to Know

We’ve been creating websites for real estate developments all over the world for years now. When we started designing websites years ago, we made some critical mistakes. So this post will help you avoid all those. Plus, we’ve tried to keep on top of emerging technologies and techniques, so we’ve picked up a few things along the way. And we’ll pass those along too.

Here then are the top ten things to remember when you are building a website for a real estate development:


Above all, make it easy to navigate. It’s a good idea to have two or three ways for people to get to the pages they want to find. Include some interactive elements to make the site more visually appealing.


Make it informative. We call our work “Marketing Journalism” to remind ourselves that this is no longer about snappy headlines and cool pictures. People are looking for facts.


Dense, compartmentalized layouts – more like a newspaper than a glossy brochure – showcase this information appropriately.


Have a blog integrated into your site, and make it useful. Don’t use it as a series of short, sales scripts about your project. Tell people things they want to know.

Show them around

Introduce them to the neighbors. Show them around the neighborhood. Talk to them about your pricing, and why it is competitive (more on real estate blog practices in an upcoming post).

Answer Questions

Address pricing issues head on. This market is very price sensitive. Prove your value proposition. Give comparisons. Make it easy to understand, and agree with, your pricing strategy.

Keep it real

For the copy, use plain English. Cut out the adjectives. Keep it real. No hype and jive. Post plenty of pictures. People like to look at pictures.


They want to see the construction. The neighborhood. The team. Carry a camera always. Keep posting pictures. Be human. Introduce yourself and your team. Talk about why you are doing this. Talk about how you got started.


Shorten your registration forms. No one wants to give you too much information – they know it’s mainly to your advantage, and they resent it. Gather the specifics during your first real-time contact between the prospect and a member of the sales team.


Make it easy to connect. Be on Twitter, Facebook. And LinkedIn. And have a cell phone. And an email address that gets answered by a human, right away. I Found This Helpful.

Thanks for reading, any questions, please let us know below:

A good logo is essential for a successful business

Here are some benefits that come along with a good logo.

A good logo will make a good first impression

Before you knock on the door of his car and park just before you call, prospect study clients logo before you choose.

Wayne Stuetz, Sodfather founder of White Plains, New York understand how the first impression benefit “People always ask me a shirt with my logo on it. My logo is memorable and once was seen, it’s not easy to forget. “When people can remember your logo, you have an advantage.

Attract new customers

Buyers see daily hundreds of logos and unforgettable know when I see one. Sending the right message to potential customers, the logo will help you choose from the competition.

Lawn Rangers, in Pearland, Texas have seen the rewards brought by a good logo. ” When customers see our logo on sheets estimates, on trucks and on the site, feel good about us, says co-owner Aaron O’Donley. ” And if it’s something you can show potential clients so they convince them that their expectations are met, will go to the competition. Our logo will convince you. ‘

Fly over the competition

Browse eg. Yellow Pages phone book and you will see that potential customers have a wide variety of companies choice. You will see also the logos that stand out. Differentiation of your competition is vital in winning customers on your side

Using original color, words, shapes and fonts can remove the logo out.

Keep loyal customers

Quality services is the key that will keep close clients. But what happens when a competitor comes in shiny truck with employees who looks flawless, with a professional look and promises to match your service? If your image is not as good, it is possible that the competitor will be tempting your customers do not get in this situation! ” A good logo will persuade customers seeking a relationship with your loyal long term you choose you over the competition on. ‘

You can get a top quality logo at 99designs.com . Let us review the process implied.

Construct a short outline of the project

First and foremost up, let us know what you need in your configuration. Answer the inquiries in our basic online concise with as much detail as you can. Please note that on 99designs.com you can request a lot more than just logos… from app designs, t-shirts and up to illustration and graphics, designers there can do them all.

Pick a configuration bundle

Pick a configuration bundle, pay, and we’ll dispatch your challenge in our commercial center. Keep in mind, a higher value implies a greater originator prize, and a greater prize draws in more creators to your challenge.


Our Bronze bundle is our most reasonable choice. It’s extraordinary for those on lean plan.


The Silver bundle incorporates a greater prize, so you’ll have more plans to browse.


The Gold bundle provides for you the most plans to browse.



The Platinum bundle is ideal for the individuals who just need to work with the best.

Dispatch your challenge

We list your configuration challenge in our commercial center for our group of more than 952,000 planners to see. From Berlin to Bombay, proficient creatives will read your concise and start to conceptualize thoughts only for you.

Get many outlines

Fashioners submit outlines to your challenge round the clock. Log into your 99designs record every day to see their plans, and let them recognize what hits the imprint.

Give input

Use evaluations, remarks and private messages to help creators shape their thoughts to your needs. The more itemized your input, the simpler it will be to bring your outline to life.

Pick the winner

Following 7 days, now is the ideal time to pick the victor and consent to the copyright setup. We exchange the prize cash to the fashioner. You download your new outline and utilization it anyway you like.

What are you holding up for? Begin now, and around this time one week from now, you’ll have an outline you adore.

1-on-1 Projects

Keep working specifically

Challenges are the most ideal approach to meet creators you cherish. When you’ve met a few planners, you can keep cooperating specifically, utilizing 1-to-1 Projects.

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